Michelle Raubenheimer

Instructor Photos Michelle Rubenheimer Dec 2022

About me


"Instructing classes has never really been a “job” to me - more of a passion. Somewhere where I can loose myself and in the process, help other people feel good about themselves and achieve their fitness goals.

I was privileged to be able to work with, and learn from, one of the best instructors in South Africa and NYC, Steve Uria. Whether training beginners or professional athletes, our mission was to help them achieve their goals, feel good about themselves, be energized and have fun in the process.

I want to create a “playground” where members can have a mind and body connection. The feeling you had as a kid. A place where for 60mins it’s all about yourself and completely being present in the moment and being in touch with your body, regardless your shape or size."


ETA Fitness Qualification, Certified Aerobics, Step and Tone Instructor, Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Barre Certification Level 1