Pay & Play

If you just want to try us out, or you're just not ready to commit to a membership just yet, you can access some of our activities on a pay and play basis. The following chart highlights the value of Active membership vs Pay and Play. If you would like to discuss memberships, or you wish to make a booking please contact us.

All prices are inclusive of GST at 5%.

Please note that to take advantage of our concessionary rates you may be asked to provide proof of your eligibility before your booking is confirmed.

Gym - Adult Session (per session) £8.90 FREE
Gym - Senior Citizen Session (per session) £5.25 FREE
Gym - Student Session (per session) £5.25 FREE
Gym Induction £21.55 FREE
Group Fitness Class (per class) £8.40 FREE
Swim - Adult (per session)


Swim - Junior (5 - 17 years, per session) £3.50 FREE
Swim - Senior Citizen (per session) £2.50 FREE
Sauna / Steam (per session) £8.70 FREE
Squash / Squash 57 (formerly Racketball) (45 minute session) £8.40 FREE On-spec
Badminton / Short Tennis (per hour) £11.60 FREE On-spec
Table Tennis (per hour) £6.20 FREE On-spec
Equipment Hire (Racquets, Balls, Paddles - per session) £2.90 N/A
Sports Hall Arena (Football, Basketball, Volleyball - per hour) £46.65 N/A
Five A Side/Basketball (bookable between 9am and 5pm Monday to Sunday - per hour)
      £23.25         N/A